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Yorkie poo Tail Docking

We dock all of our yorkiepoo’s tails. The standard for Yorkshire terriers and poodles are to have docked tails. We try to follow the same standards in our yorkie poos because they are a mix a of yorkie and poodle. Tail docking is safe and does not harm the puppy as long as it is done by a professional and done at 3 days old.

Yorkie poo DewClaw Removal

All of our puppies have their dew claw removed. Dew claws are extra appendages on the puppies paw that have no use. They can easily become stuck to something while the puppy is playing be ripped out. Also the nails on the dew claws grow at a curved angle and if not properly maintained, can grow  into the puppies’ skin causing infection.

Yorkie poo Ears

Some yorkiepoo ears stick straight up like yorkies and some fall like poodles. I really just depends on the size of the ears. The shorter ears will have a better time staying up of the fur on the tip of the ears is cut short to reduce the weight. Some breeders tape the ears of yorkiepoos to try to stand them. We leave all our puppy’s ears natural. We do not do anything extra to make them stand. We have noticed about 60% of the ears flop down and 40% stand up.

Yorkiepoo Price

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