When you receive your yorkiepoo puppy, you will need to be vigilant on grooming. Because these hybrid dogs come from breeds that do not shed, proper grooming techniques are essential. Follow the below guidelines for grooming a yorkiepoo.

Cleaning the ears

You will need to clean the yorkie/poodle mixed puppies ears each week. The best method is to first grab a cotton ball and put in drops of peroxide. Lift one ear up and softly clean the entire ear. If you notice a buildup of wax in the inside of the ear, you will want to use proper dog ear cleaning products to clean the inside of the ear. After you are done with the first ear, follow the same steps for the second.


The corner of the eye can create buildup of eye buggers! First remove any extra moisture from the corner of the eye. Any clean towel will get this done. You will need to do this daily. Another option would be to shave that part shaved or cut short to make cleaning quick and easy. We keep off of our dogs fur on the corner of their eyes short.

The Behind

Because the fur/hair of the yorkipoo continues to grow everywhere, it is best to keep the behind or butt of the puppy cut short or shaved. Not much needs to be shaved, just the hair around the anus. This will prevent feces from being caught in the puppy’s fur while they are going number 2.


Monthly nail trimming is essential. You will want to use a nail trimmer designed for dogs. Human nail trimmers will make the nails very sharp. The dog nail trimmers, especially a really good one, will cut and round the top of the dog’s nails. You also want to make sure NOT to cut the quick.




The Cut


Bathing and Brushing