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Teddy (Harp from H Theme litter) He is my spoiled baby boy who loves his momma! Super smart and sweet! ❤️ – Janssen  W.

Violet Dior Valentine in her wild flower dress – Melissa K.
Elvira M.- My little fur baby Sophie (from the E themed litter-Essa). Love her!
Tyshonda O. –  My baby Coco love you baby girl.
Monique M. –  Sky! Born 12/23/2018 
Kute A. –  This is Kobe from ur A-theme maltipoo litter!! ?
Crissie H. –  I love my baby Kai. Born 2/15/2019. He is such a spoiled little boy. ❤️❤️❤️ Happy National Dog Mom Day!! ?
Tessa G. – Our Yorkiepoo! ?
Cindae O. –  Love my Riley and Sissy! Thanks Desiree
Barbara R. – Buddy- from tiny designer puppies ?!!
Courtney J. –  And 7!! We love our baby seven..
Purifoy L. –  Happy boy
Courtney J. My baby Aspen. 
Thanks so much girl!! 
He’s a great dog!
Olivia L. –  Luke and Liam, both babies from tiny designer puppies.
Laura V. –  Our sweet Lolly ?, “Mona Lisa” from artist themed Yorkiepoos born 10/7/18
Cloria W. —- Jerome a Tiny Designer Puppy. April 7, 2016 Avengers Litter. He has a human and dog circle of friends in our neighborhood. Best dog ever!!

Nannette N. –
 My little Milo ❤️
Christmas themed yorkiepoo
Carley L.— Ruby owns my ❤️ aka- abby. ?
Mimi R.——-Love of mine !
Carrasco H.— Pecos ready to go for a swim ???
LaDonna D.— Love our RanSter…2/2/19
Andrea L.— Love my sweet Goldie Bear!
Lindsay K.—– We love our Pretzel!! He is a Morkiepoo from Desiree!
Dani H.—- One of my little stinkers
Shelby H. —–Padua & Paisley! I can’t imagine life without them!
Liz A.——- We bought her for our daughter. She is stuck to me like glue though ??‍♀️?. Needless to say she has brought so much joy to myself and my family.
Alexis B. Loves of my life ? Roo & Twix
Tia M. ———Lily Rose AKA Hailey from the preme Maltipoolitter.

Christy F. – —- Felix & Oscar (Bobby Brown) are getting so big. We are in love

Monique M. – — She’s only like 4.9 lbs. Yes I love the patten she is taking on

Nia C. —- Miko is amazing! Hope all is well!
Melanie M. – We just love our Morkiepoo Baxter from Desiree. What a great experience! Very knowledgeable and I loved the weekly updates. As you see he is learning to ride in the truck!

Michelle W.———– I bought my sweet Dog Cookie almost 2 years ago. I absolutely love my little princess. I have now bought my second maltipoo and will be surprising my grand daughter for her 5th birthday. From the 1st contact they have been so helpful and respond promptly with any questions I have. Can’t wait to drive out from California to pick her up.

Purifoy L.——-The experience was great!!! I will probably get my little guy a friend

Cornisha J —-I would recommend family and friends to Tiny Designer Puppies. Whether you’re looking for a poodle, maltese, yorkie, or a little bit of all three then, look no further. Mrs. Williams is excellent, knowledgeable and very informative. The love she has for these fur babies is unexplainable. We thank you for our morkiepoo Mrs. Williams. We are so in love with Izzy.

Barbara S— Picked up my Yorkiepoo today – want to highly recommend Desiree.
She keeps you informed/updated weekly with videos. Very nice and informative. She is a first class breeder!!
Thanks Desiree

Christa K——– Desiree is awesome! We love our baby girl, Frenchy fka Domino. She is the cutest thing and everyone loses
their minds when they see her. She received Puppy of the Week” at her first pet visit. I will be purchasing another maltipoo from Desiree. The purchasing experience was amazing. She is very professional and is always available when I have questions. Before I found Desiree, I was scammed by another breeder. I wasted so much time trying to get my money back. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. If you are looking for a reputable breeder… look no further.

Janssen W—–Love our maltipoo! Overall a great experience. Loved the weekly photos and videos as we waiting to get our little guy. Desiree informed us very well about puppy care and sent us home with great instructions.

Kaneisha L ———In love with our puppy. Desiraee does a great job and breeds happy/healthy puppies! Featuring Apollo. Originally Baby Boy from the B themed litter.
Amber L —–Picked up our sweet Maltipoo today and we are so in love! Desiree kept us up to date with weekly updates and also informed us with things we needed to know. She made the whole process awesome. Thanks so much again I will definitely be recommending people here ??

Tan T. —–I had a wonderful experience with TDP and my dog (a morkiepoo) is so beautiful, smart, and amazing! She doesn’t even bark a lot. Also, there have not been any health issues at all.

Lorena D ——-Absolutely amazing Desiree did such a good job! We love our little Harley she is 4 months old today, woot! Super healthy, happy and on the move. :0) We’re slowly but surely getting our potty training down. I would absolutely recommend Desiree to anyone.

Nia C.—-I would recommend everyone to Tiny Designer Puppies! I had an amazing experience working with Desiree and found the best puppy ever! Great prices and communication!

Courtney R —–Great experience with Desiree! We looked forward to the pictures and videos! The little kit she gave us when we picked him up was helpful as well. I had a question after we got home. She was very helpful! We would recommend Tiny Designer puppies for sure!

Sheerin M —-Tiny Designer Puppies is the real deal! Desiree always kept in contact and answered all the questions I had. We are grateful to her because now we have Milo

Missy W —– Desiree is the best breeder. We got our sweet little Maggie, a maltipoo. She was super tiny and Desiree did every thing to help her live and grow. Loved the weekly updates.

Leslie G —Such a great person! Makes sure you are satisfied and the puppy is well � and if you need anything you can simply just contact her! Will most definitely recommend to anyone that wants such a cute healthy pup

Nika M —–The best! We have made several referrals because of our great experience. It was definitely worth the wait to get the perfect dog for our daughter. He is a Morkiepoo -formerly from the Ninja theme-Donatello.

Sandi S ——They are fantastic! Got my adorable little Zu from them. You will not be disappointed.

Trish C —- -great breeder! hands down! Our baby is smart and healthy

Monique M – — Love our Sky ! We have a Maltipoo with a clear bill of health. Overall, this was a smooth process (especially for a purchase across states) and we are enjoying our new addition. ?
Rachel D ——–? love my Rocky! he’s full of energy and my kids totally adore him… so does my husband… he’s been spoiled rotten already and we’ve only had him less than a week… thank you! #teacup #yorkiepoo
Shelby L ———- I got my Coco aka Chanel. Desiree is the best. Coco is 14 wks now & 5.25pds.

Hi hope all is well. Here is an update with Jupiter. 10. 6 pounds, He is very long, lean and healthy. Smart and loves walking with me He got the fever! Lol humping his toy around the house

Breed: Miniature Maltese

From one of our past yorkiepoo owners: Our Sweet Ella (Pinkie Pie) at 3 months old… From Owner: We completely adore Ella (Pinkie Pie). She is doing so well, and she is very good-natured. She loves to play, run, and cuddle. She also doesn’t mind letting us know what she is thinking!

Breed Yorkiepoo

See Video fo Ella here:

Update from owner: Spike has been the most lovable thing we have ever had!! We could not love him more! Thank you!

Breed: Yorkiepoo

FROM PAST OWNER UPDATE on Rainbow Dash, one of our past puppies..
(Rainbow Dash) now known as Chloe Midnight is doing well. She is really smart and very spolied. She has manged to learn how to get out if her doggie gate. Lol. I attached a picture so you could she it. We have no idea how she is doing it. It’s so funny.

This dog is to smart. We finally caught her in the act. Lol

Breed: yorkiepoo