Only the best in North Carolina! Pickup, Ground, Air Delivery Available

Terms and Conditions


BREEDER: Breeder and Owner of said Dam and/or Stud
BUYER: Individual Purchasing Puppy from BREEDER
VETERINARIAN: means a veterinarian in good standing and licensed to practice veterinary medicine in this state

DEPOSIT: A deposit in the amount of $200 is required to hold the puppy of your choice until it is ready to either be picked up or shipped via the airlines.

PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: PayPal, Venmo, cash, personal check, Bank Cashiers Checks from Wellsfargo, Chase and Bank of America Only; as well as Certified Money Orders done only by USPS, or Western Union.

FINAL PAYMENT: If you are paying via paypal for the final balance, please inform us beforehand as a paypal invoice will need to be sent. Note there will be an 8% fee added to all final paypal payments. Balance can be paid in full if you are picking up the puppy. If the puppy is to be shipped, the balance needs to be paid by the time the puppy is 7 weeks old.

LATE PUPPY PICKUP POLICY: Puppies must be picked up or air shipped no later than 8.5 weeks of age, unless BREEDER determines the need to hold the puppy longer at no additional cost to the BUYER. If BUYER is unable to pick up the puppy 8.5 weeks of age, there will a boarding fee of $50 per week starting at 8.6 weeks. This will pay for extra shots, dewormings and boarding costs. Puppies MUST be picked up by 10 weeks, no exceptions. To enroll in Late puppy pickup, BUYER must pay an additional $100 non-refundable deposit on the puppy immediately upon enrollment. If BUYER is unable to pay the enrollment deposit, puppy is forfeited and all deposits paid on the puppy will be non-refundable.

SHIPPING: Shipping is not included in the list price of the puppy. We only ship to the US mainland states. This excludes Hawaii, Alaska or overseas. The shipping charge includes airline crate, veterinarian certified health certificate and airline ticket. BREEDER agrees to maintain confidentiality, and not share any of BUYER’s personal information without consent, such as: Telephone number (home & work), physical or mailing address, payment information, etc.

BREEDER reserves the right to use any photos of said puppy BUYER sends to BREEDER for website or social media, along with current name of dog, owner, city and state.

SOLD PUPPIES: Once the contract has been signed, and the deposit has been made, the puppy chosen are finalized. There will be no switching puppies are this point. Should you decide later that you do not want the puppy, all payments received will be forfeited by the BUYER. Therefore it is important to make this decision wisely.

FORFEITURE: If no attempts have been made by BUYER to arrange for pickup or shipping by 8 weeks of age and there has been no contact made by the BUYER, the deposit will be forfeited by the BUYER and the puppy will be reposted on the website as available. BREEDER will attempt to make multiple contacts to BUYER three times via email, facebook, text and/or phone calls.

REFUNDS: This deposit signifies intent on the behalf of the BUYER to follow through with the purchase transaction of the puppy that they have chosen. If some tragic accident were to happen, and the puppy should die or get sick before it goes home by all means we would return the deposit to you unless you wanted to apply it to another puppy if one is available. If the BUYER picks up he puppy, then decides the puppy is not a good fit, all payments, including final payment, is non refundable. We will always accept the puppy back, but there is no refund.

BUYER agrees not to attack/criticize and any of its owners, associate or partner publicly (on public forums, blogs, social networks etc) at any time during or subsequent to contract period. Similarly BUYER agrees not to seek breeder advice on forums, blogs, community groups or any social media in a way which brings bad name to the company or any of its owners, associate or partner. In case of breach of this clause, BUYER agrees to pay US$5,000 to for slander, deformation of character or any other such findings in a court of law. BUYER understands that if at any time he/she is found to be in default of this agreement, BREEDER reserves the right to legal action. BUYER further AGREES that he/she shall be responsible for all attorney fees, court costs, and transportation costs BREEDER may incur to get to court of jurisdiction, and any other fees BREEDER may incur during any legal action that may occur due to BUYER defaulting on this agreement.

7 Day Standard Health Guarantee

Should the vet for any reason state that the puppy is in bad health within (7) days of taking the puppy home, the following 3 options are available:

  • Refund up to $50 for vet costs
  • Full refund with the return of the puppy, or puppy replacement and a Vet notice of aliments.

We will pay up to $50 for vet cost incurred for treatment should you choose to keep the puppy. This does not include the office visit. We pay only for the positive testing and treatment. Standard Health Guarantee does not a 2 year health guarantee against genetic disorders (Buyer is responsible for all transportation cost)

45 Day Health Guarantee

You will receive a risk free health guarantee that will cover your puppies on ANY illness (virus, bacterial infections, parasitic) the puppy may have within 45 days.

Should your puppy get sick within 45 days of purchase you have the following options

  • We will pay up to the cost of your puppy toward your vet cost for treatments and testing (on positive tests only)
  • Full refund available upon the return of the puppies

Also includes a 2 year health guarantee against genetic disorders. See information below


Our health guarantee is subject to rejection by BREEDER if the BUYER does not vaccinate the puppy at the required dates; if BUYER takes puppies outside before all three sets of vaccines are given; and if BUYER neglects or abuses the puppy. Upon requesting a refund for veterinarian bills, we will require the BUYER to send vaccination records from their vet to prove all necessary vaccines has been given.