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All About Poodles

We have made our way to North Carolina from Texas and are bringing you quality poodles. To see our poodle for sale in NC, go here.

Why choose a poodle?

Poodles are extremely intelligent, and easy to train pups. They are people pleasing creatures, that require care and attention. They have generally of a happy temperament and are great cuddle buddies. Poodles are elegant, their coats never stop growing. This allows them to be groomed into a myriad of style and cuts. The teddy bear poodle cut is one of our favorites!

Poodles come in several sizes. The first being a type called teacups. These are the smallest type of poodle and are up to 6 lbs in weight. Toys are the next size up. They are generally 7-10lbs in weight. Miniatures or Moyens are medium-sized poodles and are up to 11-20lbs. The largest type are called the Standard. These types of poodles can reach as tall as 30 inches or more at the shoulder and generally weigh over 35lbs.

History of Poodles

Poodles originated in Germany. They are an elegant breed that was also popular in France. The aristocracy would have their royal crests clipped into the coat.  Poodles were bred to be hunting dogs and are used to this day as a bird water retriever. Smaller poodles in France were used to hunt for Truffles.

Poodles are excellent guard dogs. Interesting fact, they were once used by the British Army during World War II.

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