Puppy Pricing

Weights depend on what males and females we use. If you have any questions on what the weights of the moms and dads are, please visit our Dams and Sires Page. All of these are estimates and we do not guarantee weights. Prices are subject to change. You will be able to see both mom and dad when you visit us. If we are shipping to you, you will be provided with pictures.



Toys Yorkiepoos – (estimated adult size 6.5-10lbs)  $899-$1099

Tcups Yorkiepoos (estimated 6 and under) $1499-1599

Morkiepoos (estimated adult size 10-14lbs)  $599-799


Toy Regular colors (white, off white, black, parti-colored, gray) (estimated adult size 7-10lbs) $899-$999

Tcup Maltipoo (estimated 6 and under) $1499-1599

Red maltipoos (estimated adult size 8-13lbs) $1099-$1399

Toy Chocolate Maltipoos (estimated adult size 7-8lbs) $999-$1299

Miniature Maltipoos (white/apricot) (estimated adult size 10-16lbs)  $599-699


Tcups (estimated 6 and under) $1499-1599