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Dam and Sire Health Record

The health of our Dams and Sires are most important. We set schedules for their dewormings and flea treatments monthly. We also provide yearly booster vaccine shots to ensure optimal care. Rabies shots are given every 3 years.

Grooming is also important to us. All of our dogs’ fur are cut to a short puppy cut every 2¬†months. We also ensure that their nails have been trimmed and teeth¬†brushed or given chew toys for optimal care.

We supply only fresh water to our dogs. We have constructed a automatic dog waterer in our kennels that come straight from the well, through a filter and out to the kennels. Each drink they take is always fresh and clean. We also provide our dogs with automatic feeder that allows the food to be fresh each time. Our dog are “free fed” and can eat whenever they like. We are also starting a rabbitry to start our dogs on a more natural raw food diet.




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