How do I look for the right Yorkie poo breeder?

So you are in the market for a yorkiepoo puppy but cannot decide which yorkiepoo breeder to adopt your puppy from. We have a arranged a list of pointers to keep in mind.

Do a Google Search:

Make sure the puppy you buy from comes from a reputable breeder. Do a google search of the breeders website to make sure there are no rip off reports concerning the dogs. Check to see if there are any reviews. Ask the breeder for any questions you may have if you do see something.

Do Not Impulse Buy

Do not buy from breeders at yard sells, parking lots, flea markets and pet expos. You will not be able to track them down later on if something is wrong with your yorkie poo puppy. Try to avoid the impulse buy. Also these breeders can easily tell you a puppy is a certain breed and this not be correct.

Health Contracts

Always buy a puppy from yorkiepoo breeders that have health guarantee contracts, and adoption contracts. These are legally binding agreements that must be met. Giving your money to a yorkiepoo breeder without any type of adoption contract signed by both parties, makes the sale as is. Therefore the breeder could easily give you a “lemon” puppy that is very sick or unhealthy and there is nothing you can do legally to rectify the situation.

How to avoid being ripped off

There are a lot and I mean a lot of puppy scammers out there who accept  your money and you never receive a puppy. They are very easy to spot. Most if not all scammers do not have websites. They usually post stock photo pictures of puppies on online classified ads with usually a very low or free adoption fee. Such as an English bull dog puppy for $100. If the person you are purchasing a dog from does not have a proper website, with US phone number, I would stay far away.  Also if they send you a drawn out email with poor grammar and a lot of questions that do not make sense, more than likely they are trying to scam you.

We at, have a website, an up to date facebook, and Youtube channel with all of our puppies listed with pictures and videos to follow. Also at times we do LIVE CAM which shows the puppies in real time being born. We always allow anyone to come visit us should they which to see the puppies first before placing a deposit.

Vaccines/Dewormings/Vet Visits

When buying from a yorkipoo breeder you want to make sure they vaccinate all their puppies and supply them with the proper amount of dewormings. You should be given a dog shot record as well. The breeder should also require you to take the puppy to your vet to be examined independently.

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