Only the best in North Carolina! Pickup, Ground, Air Delivery Available

We can help adopt out your puppy!!

Having trouble finding a home for your puppy? We can help!

We already have potential buyers on our list looking for puppies! We are highly sought after on our puppies and have a high review and return rate!

We have helped out several breeders, and usually sell out on puppies within a week!!!


What we offer to you:

  • Free Puppy Shots
  • Free Dewormings (We worm against 12 species of parasites, including Giardia and Coccidia)
  • We offer 30 day health guarantee to the potential adopters through us NOT THROUGH YOU!!!
  • Microchipping
  • Puppy Pack
  • Nutrical
  • We post the puppies, sell them, and meet with the buyers. You just get paid!

How much will this cost you? NOTHING!!


  • Puppies must be under 10lbs as adults
  • We must have pictures of both parents
  • Pricing of the puppies must be $450 and under depending on breed

How this works:

  1. We meet at my house and we go over logistics.
  2. We will keep your puppies here with us at as we will need to take pictures, do videos and have the potential buyers meet us here)
  3. You will have daily updates on the puppies via text, as well as like us facebook to see the back and forth with my customers
  4. We will pay you as soon as a puppy sell via paypal, cash or wellsfargo money order.
  5. We set a date, if the puppies do not sell by that date, you can come pick up the puppies and try on your own. However we ALWAYS sell our puppies!!

Why do we do this?

We have a lot of people interested in our puppies and litters are sold before they are even born. However the demand we have for puppies is bigger then what we can supply.

We upcharge on the puppies, so what add our cost to your current puppy cost.


We are completely reliable and trustworthy, as well as can provide references!


If you would like to get started, let me know!