Puppy 1st Pick List

1st Pick Waiting List


Pay to be on the first pick list below. Please note that the paypal link is inventory tracked! Once the list fills up, link will shut down. If any questions, please email us at texasdesignerpuppies@gmail.com

***Read the FAQ’s Below BEFORE placing the deposit***


Yorkie poo 2nd (FIRST) Pick list  ***1 Spot Left***

Note: This list is for the breeding AFTER the one due in Early jan!  Any questions, please PM me on facebook



If you wish to have 1st pick on the on the litter within 24 hours after I post photos on facebook, a $50 deposit will need to be placed. $50 will be deducted from the cost of the puppy once born.



Adding your name to our regular waiting list is free. Just visit our Facebook page and LIKE US.

1st Pick List Instructions:

1. Type in the Breed of Puppy you are looking for, as well as the gender of the puppy. NOTE: to pick multiple breeds you are interested in, it would be an additional $50 per extra breed. We do this because we keep our 1st pick list low! If you want multiple breeds, you will need to pay 2+ deposits of $50.


2. Click the PAY NOW button to submit further details as well as payment information via PAYPAL.

THATS IT! You will be notified by email that the payment as gone through and you have been added the First Pick List.


We will post on facebook as well as send an email to those on our first pick list when the dam is giving birth. After all puppies have been born, we will post on facebook the time the pictures will be posted. After we post pictures, those on our first pick list will have 24 hours to pick their puppy first. After 24 hours, puppies will be available to the public.


how much are your puppies?

Go here: http://tinydesignerpuppies.com/designer-breed-puppies-for-sale-texas/puppy-pricing/

is the amount deducted from the total price of the puppy?

Yes. What ever the list price of the puppy is, your deposit will automatically be deducted.

What if I change my mind and do not want to be on the first pick list? Or found a puppy elsewhere. Is the $50 refundable?

Unfortunately, this is a NON REFUNDABLE deposit. However, you will be on our first pick list for 24 months, and this is transferable to ANY breed of puppy that may be born. You must contact us beforehand if you want to transfer your puppy over to a new breed. We would only be able to transfer you if the list is open for that breed. Otherwise, you will need to wait until the list becomes open.

How will I be notified that the breed of puppies I wanted are born?

Facebook is the BEST way to stay up to date on when our puppies are about to be born. We will post pictures on Facebook first! We will email everyone that is on our first pick list as well but Liking US on Facebook is the best way. Please make sure your email is up to date and correct! If after you paid, and you never received an email from us, that means we have the wrong email address! Make sure to contact us to be sure

I am guaranteed a puppy? What if i am on the first pick list and do not get a chance to pick out a puppy, or am looking for a certain gender or color and one is not born?

There are no guarantee that you will get a puppy because you are on the first pick list. The first pick just gives you an opportunity to pick before the general public. We do first come first serve on our first pick list. If all the puppies are sold before you are able to pick, you will get moved to the next first pick list on the next litter for up to 24 months.

How long after being placed on the first pick list will i have to wait before getting a puppy?

This is a tough question. Average weight time is 2-4 months. However if one of our females have a false pregnancy or doesn’t get pregnant, you may have to wait till the next one goes into a heat cycle or until the next heat cycle of that female. That could be 6 months or more depending on your preference.

Can i move to another first pick list for a different breed of puppy?

If there is room available, yes! Just send me an email and we will make the switch.

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