Meet our Studs!

To ensure maximum health, our dogs are fed on a special Purina Pro Plan food diet.  We are also apart of Purina’s Breeding Program.

red teacup poodle

AKC: Teacup Red Poodle -Champion Lined- Bentley 4.9lbs



not Pictured

CKC: Teacup Yorkie Male – 3.5lbs

Description: Prince is our baby! He is extremely small weighing at only 3.5lbs. He does the majority of our breeding involving yorkies and yorkipoo puppies. He is an CKC Yorkshire Terrier stud. His fur grows long and straight down to the floor. He is considered to be a blue and tan yorkie, although he is on the lighter side. He has a sweet personality and gets along with all animals including cats and kids


Mickey- Maltese - 9-10lbs
Mickey- Maltese – 9-10lbs

Maltese – 9-10 lbs

Description: Mickey is our toy Maltese male. He weighs a mere 6lbs full grown and does all of our Maltipoo breedings. Mickey’s has a sweet disposition, and gets along with all animals. He can be a bit of a yapper but we are working on that. We think it’s the small dog complex lol. He quiets down fast however

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