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Stud Services

Stud dogs Available for Stud Services in Raleigh, NC

Breeding Process

For success in dog breeding, your female will need to come to our home for 7 days at the minimum! We would like if we can get her while she is still somewhat on her period. Ideally by day 10-14 on her cycle.

She will stay inside with us be treated as part of the family. We will present her to our male daily until she stops standing or until our male is no longer interested. We will pursue natural breeding, however if she is unable to stand, we will do artificial insemination with your permission.

Your female will need to be flea treated, and up to date on shots before she stops by.

Dog Stud Service FAQs

How much are our stud services?


Do you accept POL (pick of litter) as payment?

We will waive pick of the litter from approved females only.

What is your guarantee policy?

Free one time return service is offered should your female produce a litter size 2 and under, or if there is no pregnancy

What type of females do you breed to?

We offer breeding’s for designer breed puppies as well as full bred puppies.

FILL OUT THE STUD CONTRACT BELOW. Do not pay the fee until the time of breeding!

Please note that if we are breeding another female the time you are wanting your female bred, you can pick from any of our other studs to bred with. Our studs can only breed with one female at a time. Should you want a particular stud that is occupied, you must wait until he becomes free again.

Pay your stud fee here! This amount is due at the time of the breeding.

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