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We came across this news story on ABC news 7 about the most popular breeds in ¬†american. We weren’t suprised to see that poodle was listed in almost every state! They are extremely smart animals. Also matipoo puppies in houston, tx are very popular as well. We brought our our first maltipoo puppy for sale when we lived there. I never heard of the breed until I owned our first about 5 years ago.


Here is the list for houston puppies:

1. Miniature Schnauzer
2. Terrier
3. Maltipoo puppies
4. Shih Tzu
5. Australian Cattle Dog
6. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
7. Doberman Pincher
8. Boxer
9. Labradoodle
10. Yorkshire Terrier puppies


Wanna see what breed is popular in your state? Read more here:


Stolen dog spawns several good deeds

Read this really cool article about a yorkie poo puppy stolen from a home during a home break in, and the couple who found and brought the dog back home. We just love these stories.


Tiny dog theft is a serious problem. Small and cute teacup and toy dogs are stolen from loving families and resold or “rehomed” all the time. A majority of these puppies end up in bad situations. We believe it is very important to microchip your designer breed puppy when you adopt from us. Also never leave a puppy or dog unsupervised in public.