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Read this really cool article about a yorkie poo puppy stolen from a home during a home break in, and the couple who found and brought the dog back home. We just love these stories.


Tiny dog theft is a serious problem. Small and cute teacup and toy dogs are stolen from loving families and resold or “rehomed” all the time. A majority of these puppies end up in bad situations. We believe it is very important to microchip your designer breed puppy when you adopt from us. Also never leave a puppy or dog unsupervised in public.

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Dog Names – Male & Female Puppy Names

Have you adopted a tiny puppy and just can not figure out a good name for him? We have a list of 10 popular names that might spike your interest.


  • MAX
  • JAKE
  • JACK
  • TOBY
  • CODY
  • DUKE
  • BEAR
  • SAM
  • LUCY
  • ZOE
  • LOLA
  • ABBY
  • ROXY
  • COCO
  • LILY
  • SAM


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Texas Teacup and Toy Yorkies, Yorkiepoos, and Maltipoo Puppies for sale

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Local Pick Up

If you are located in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or any of the surrounding cities in Texas, then you are more then welcome to come pick the puppy you are interested in and take them home when they are old enough. We are located 30 outside of Austin. We can also deliver the puppy to you for 30/hour from 78605.

Dog Air Shipping

How to Ship a Puppy on a Plane Made Simple

We offer dog airline shipping for all our designer breed puppies we have for sale. We pride ourselves in safely shipping dogs by air just about anywhere to the 48 US states.

Our commitment to provide your new pocket puppy with a hassle-free, safe journey for them, and peace of mind for you.

How much does it cost to ship a puppy?

How much to ship a puppy on a plane typically depends on the airlines, time of year, the size of the puppy. We offer dog air shipping for a reason price of $365. We do not charge more for shipping then what it costs us to air ship a dog. The amount for shipping pays for the certified veterinarian health certificate, the USDA Kennel and puppy plane ticket.

Pet Shipping Airlines

Pet Airways we have used is American Airlines and United. These airlines make the process very easy and simple and have chosen them because of this.

What Age Can A Puppy Be Shipped?

Our designer breed  puppies have to be at least 8 weeks of age.

What Cities Can You Dog Air Ship To?

We can ship to most any Major cities across the US including some smaller cities. Some of the cities we ship to are but not limited to :

Atlanta, GA | Chicago, IL| Detroit, MI | Los Angeles, CA| New York, NY | Newark | Pittsburgh, PA | San Francisco, CA | Baltimore, MD | Cincinnati, OH| Orange County, CA | Portland, OR | Seattle, WA | Boston, MA | San Diego, CA| Washington, DC | Indianapolis, IN | Milwaukee, WI | Orlando, FL | Raleigh, NC | St. Louis, MO | Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN | Sacramento, CA | Tampa Bay, FL | Philadelphia, PA | Charlotte, NC | Las Vegas, NV | Denver, CO |

Also for those who live in Houston and Dallas, United airlines does ship there. If you are wanting to have your puppy shipped instead of driving up to Austin, let us know.

Your Puppy Itinerary365t travel.

  • You should arrive at the airport an hour before your flight with your photo ID. Only the person who is purchasing the puppy will be allowed to take the puppy from the airlines. All puppies will be sent to baggage claim, not on the run belt. Ask a TSA at the airport if you have any questions.
  • A Puppy Air Travel Ticket should be sent within 3 Days of making travel Arrangements
  • When you receive you micro teacup toy puppy, you should feed them as soon as you get home if you live within 1 hour of the airport. Feed your puppy immediately if you live further then 2 hours from the airport. It is also a good idea to have on hand the Nutrical that will be supplied to you in your puppy kit prior to shipment to give to your new puppy.

Pets Travel Requirements to ship a dog by air

  • Airline pet regulations require a Health Certificate which must be issued by a licensed Veterinarian and be no more than 10 days old.
  • USDA Pet Travel Kennel will be supplied according to the puppy’s size and weight
  • Our designer breed puppies over 16 weeks of age will have their rabies shots before they are air shipped.


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Gift Option

Are you wanting to give one of our designer puppies away as a gift to your loved one?


Option 1 (You Pick Up The Puppy)

For just $50.00 we will present this puppy as a present.


The puppy with a  big RED bow. He/She will have an awesome outfit picked out from Petco on.


We will also purchase a “puppy friendly” gift box that your loved one can open or your puppy will be in a nice gift basket.

There will be a very soft blanket (pink or blue)

A nice toy and treats wrapped up too!

Personalized card from us with pictures of the puppies brothers and sisters.

Option 2 (We deliver!)

This option will contain all of option 1 but we will personally deliver or have the puppy delivered to you or your loved one! For delivery on the weekends only and within 35 miles of 78605, your price would be a flat rate fee of $95.00.  Add $1.75 to each mile outside of 35 miles.



Gift Options are for those living within 80 miles of 78605.


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