Bill Me Later Plan

With Paypal’s Bill Me Later Plan, owning a puppy just became that much easier! Follow the simple steps below:

1. Email us at to request an invoice.

2. When you receive the invoice, click on the link and the PayPal site will pull up.

3. On the Paypal invoice, there will be options on how to pay.

– 1st option is through your paypal account

– 2nd Option is through a major credit card

– 3rd Option is through Bill Me Later

4. Choose the Bill Me Later Option.

5. PayPal will ask you some quick questions in order to run a credit check.

6. Within seconds, PayPal will let you know if you are approved or not. If you are approved, I will be sent an email from Paypal and the puppy is yours! You are able to take home the puppy same day (or when they are weaned) without paying anything up front. I get paid by paypal automatically and Paypal sets up payments with you.

This process is quick and simple and great for those who want to build their credit or own a puppy but are having difficulty paying for the full amount up front. We have had a few people choose this option and have stated their experiences were great!


Please note that we are not affiliated with Paypal. All payments with the Bill Me Later option are directed to Paypal. Once your Bill Me Later account has been setup, you must go to paypal for any questions.


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